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#cafc is it me or did DJ actually look up for/to it lastnight when he came on Slowed down play, braught us up the pitch and was just all round more composed (in my opinion)
Tweeted 13 minutes ago by chefben91
Excellent win last night. Curbs on top form as ever. But Nelse our good luck charm! 🍀 #cafc https://t.co/TlXOzewiYt
Tweeted 22 minutes ago by skyscottminto
JFC absolutely spraying them last night. Not bad from Ben Watson either. #cafc https://t.co/PDEhPYKXNs
Tweeted 32 minutes ago by BenjyNurick
As requested by @BenjyNurick Charlton's pass-map last night against Wigan! 🟧 - Successful ⬜️ - Unsuccessful #EFL #CAFC https://t.co/VEYzXKD82c
Tweeted 34 minutes ago by Analytics_SS
@KateLymer Brilliant..any chance of getting this picture to Sir Clive....@TraceyLeaburn @skyscottminto @SandgaardThomas #CAFC
Tweeted 44 minutes ago by MrMarkBrock
My 9 year old son made this for homeschooling today, he is studying Palm Sunday. He's named it Clive Mendonkey 😂 #cafc https://t.co/8PZvc0FYNW
Tweeted 46 minutes ago by KateLymer
Seeing a lot of people talking about Steve Brown’s excellent commentary last night. Want more Browny analysis? I’ve got you covered... #cafc https://t.co/lrA6mriJMm
Tweeted 55 minutes ago by BenjyNurick
Just been talking to a decent Charlton fan! Taylor really did sell them down the river, they went down by 1 goal and that 1 goal has put them back years! Taylor was only after a big wage, whatever club would pay a 30 Yr old 30 grand plus?? We did after half a decent season #cafc
Tweeted 55 minutes ago by ScottHa26547799
How nice is it to wake up with that winning feeling again?! https://t.co/cPFUybZ2DQ #cafc #charlton
Tweeted 59 minutes ago by charltonnews
Lee Bowyer questions if Charlton players can handle the pressure of League One play-off chase | Evening Standard https://t.co/cDa2cRZyNb #cafc #charlton https://t.co/OyvNqzrXIW
Tweeted 59 minutes ago by charltonnews

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